Don’t Forget Who You Are

                Have you ever felt so passionate and thrilled about something that you feel you can conquer it?
I have.
Just last semester I took up my Creative Writing class and what a thrill! To stich up words and sentences under the shade of a huge tree just to express that voice in your head and get graded afterwards felt like winning a hundred bucks. I totally enjoyed that class and excelled in it as well. Everything was going right until the day that I saw what may grade was.
I was almost at the bottom of the class.
Pure disappointment washed down the ray of happy bubbles inside me. But why? I know that I’m doing well in the class. So I asked my professor what happened to my grades. She made me sit on a chair and so did she and the clutter filled desk bore witness to the explanation. ‘’You did not submit a paper to me.’’ I nodded and remembered the question and answer paper that lay crumple at the bottom of my bag. Apparently that paper requires little of your creative juice and I forgot to pass it. I understand my professor’s sentiment, as much as she wants to pull my grade higher because she thinks I deserve a better grade, she can’t because my recorded scores tell otherwise.
Just like in this world, some people’s standards will say NO, YOU CAN’T. YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. And sadly most of the time we believe I this lie. We limit ourselves even though deep inside there is a unsilenced voice whispering that maybe you can only to be shut down by the shouting of this world and it’s taunting fears.
Let me remind you something. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are designed to make God happy and not this world. Your identity in Christ is more that celebrity like! You are His child, His favored princess!

It may hurt sometimes because the persons who bring us down are the person we thought would urge us to be the best that we can be. It maybe our family at that holds us back, our friends who do better and make you feel worthless or that teacher who branded you as stupid or that boss of yours who deemed you incompetent. Let me remind you now that you are nothing of what was said above. You are strong, smart, talented, determined and world class.

Always remember that God the Father smiles proudly at His child whenever we seek to break free from the lies the enemy tells us.
Do not forget who you are.
With love, A.


With love, A.



God I pray that may the person who is reading this be blessed by your spirit. Give your child the strength to see and believe her worth is not determined by the people around her but by you. And that we are worth more that the sparrow. Father teach us to love and forgive those who prosecute us. And may we glorify and exalt your name forever and ever.
In Jesus name we pray.


Dear Daughter,

                  To be a mother is a noble task, to be a spiritual mother is a great honor.
Some may call my task as a bible study teacher, a small group leader but we prefer to call it as being a spiritual parent. Truly being one made me understand responsibilities more, to grow more, and to be more mature. No more was I the baby Christian that needed to be spoon fed every single week, no more was I the girl who stumbles and a fall, only to do the mistakes again and again. Now, I strive to be more watchful in what I do, what I say, and how I act. ‘’Practice what you preach.’’ Are the words replaying on my mind.
I have never truly pondered on the greatness of the task assigned to me until one night when a friend told me his dream for his spiritual son. He told me that he wants him to be an Engineer like himself. I saw it in the glint in his eyes how he roots and desires for his child’s success and it knocked into my heart, how about me? What are my dreams for my daughters?

To my dearest daughters in faith, Jerlyn, Monina, Jade and Sheila,

                  Daughters, be brave. Stand up as a woman who’s strength comes from the Almighty God. Do not be afraid; for God is always be with you, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will show the path that you should go.

                    My love for you flows as if you are truly my daughters at birth. My dreams for you my beautiful daughters are plenty and overlflowing with the best interest.

                     Jerlyn, be a teacher who will not only be a fountain of knowledge for your students but also a way for the young generations to know Jesus. Teach them how to righteous as God taught you how to be a good person.

                       Monina, my dream for you beautiful daughter is to see the beauty of life and enjoy the purpose that God has planned for you, whether it is in business or in sports, do not stop pursuing your goals and always remember to always aim high and never settle for less than what you truly deserve.

                        Jade, my dear. I pray that God may guide you and your new family to reach out to God and to seek Him more. Be a good mother to your child and a faithful wife. My dear, don’t stop pursuing your dream even if some will say it’s too late. You are blessed and may your family serves as inspiration for you to strive more.

                          and to my dear Sheila, small may you be but great is your destiny in life. Never forget how you sought the Lord and he answered you with his thunderous presence, setting your soul on fire. Remember that in your journey; remember the passion and the greatness of the Lord for he will answer you again.

And to you dear reader, if you still have not found your spiritual mother then let the dreams above be my dreams for you as well. Strive hard for the glory and kingdom of God.





                                                                                    With love, A.